Sunday 19 June 2011

Summary of my Craft and Arte


The Great Orgasm of God Herself, the birth of the Divine Twins, the Twins' interaction which is our world.

God Herself is the Star Goddess, Night, YVHV, God the Father, the Tao, Ayin, Ayin Soph, Ayin Soph Ohr, pregnant proton, Brahma.

The Divine Twins are the Dual Consort, paradox, Yin and Yang, Lucet and Tettens, Lucifer and Nocifer, Yesh, electron and neutrino, Maya, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


To cross the Abyss, to be a Bridge, to live paradox.


All things have life force, are part of the Divine, and hence require respect.  Not to not harm, but to give respect to the Divine in them.  Be conscious of the effects of your actions and think about them before you act.


To learn all things from all people, spirits, and gods, that I might see beyond the words, facts, and ideas, into the Truth beyond.


Well, that would be going a bit far, don't you think?  ;-)

~Muninn's Kiss

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