Thursday 5 May 2011

"He is risen, he is risen indeed!"

"There are two seasons in Wyoming: snow and road construction."

A few days ago, it was still snow and cold, winter dying but still kicking, but today it feels like spring.  My walk this evening was very lovely, a joy.  Bright blue sky, gentle breeze, air warm enough to not need a coat.  The Summer King is definitely risen.

Everyone was out today.  There was a girl on rollerblades with a tiny dog walking beside her.  There was two girls walking three goats with sparkly collars.  There was a guy out riding his horse.  I saw more people out than I have since fall.

Some grass is green, but not a lot.  No buds on the trees yet.  But I saw plenty of birds, not the crows and ravens that stay all winter, but the small song birds flitting between trees.  A few days ago, there were a couple, today there are many, in almost every yard and field.

The land is waking up.
Winter has lost its sting.
The Winter King is in the grave,
And the Summer King has risen.

~Muninn's Kiss

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