Friday 31 August 2012

Blue Moon Rising

Tomorrow is a full moon. Full and dark moons are always significant, but this one has a special signification. It is considered a blue moon. In this context, a blue moon is a second full moon within a month. It comes about because our months (despite the name which really means a moon period) are based on a solar year, which just over a week longer than twelve moon cycles (eleven days longer). Every few years, the moons land such that thirteen full moons occur within a solar year (and in between, thirteen dark or new moons occur). The extra moon in whichever month it occurs forms a second full moon within a solar month, a blue moon. Any rare event tends to have more power than common events, like a lunar eclipse has more power than a normal full moon, even though it occurs on a full moon, and a full solar eclipse is much more powerful than other dark moons.

How a blue moon is used, of course, depends a lot on how you practice. My practice focuses more on dark moons than full, though full are important, as the mid point of a lunar month (I determine moons as dark to dark), so the energetic high tide of the moon. Most important to my practice is that this is the full moon directly between the full moon closest to the cross quarter (Lugh's Day) and the one closest to the Autumn Equinox. Most years, that would make this the mid point of the first moon of Autumn, but this year it is the midpoint of the second moon, making it the mid point of Autumn. I suspect the shift and the occurrence of a blue moon are not unconnected or coincidence.

Typically, full moons are times of fulfillment in my practice. Waxing is increase, waning is decrease. A dark moon is chthonic, the underworld, death, things secret. The full moon is the fullness of time, the birth after a pregnancy, a time to reveal and proclaim. I've never done work on one, I would think a blue moon would be a time of unexpected revelation, of revealing of things that aren't normally revealed, a time of unexpected birth, a time for sudden unexpected proclamation. If I was going to do a working, it
would be for something I wouldn't normally try for, a wish I normally would let sleep. Or proclaim unexpected Change. If it rained, I'd gather water and use it later for those same things. Same if I gathered herbs or roots or other plants, or bones and other animal products. That unexpected and abnormal aspect, I think, is very important and useful.

So I sit here wondering, is there something I should do tomorrow under the light of the blue moon?

~Muninn's Kiss

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