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Grasping Fate: The Graal Question

Ha! Percevax, Fortune est chauve
derriers et devant chevelue.
Et dahez ait qui te salue
et qui nul bien t'ore et te prie,
que tu ne la retenis mie,
Fortune, quant tu la trovas!
Chiés le Roi Pescheor alas,
si veïs la lance qui sainne,
et si te fu lors si grant painne
d'ovrir ta boche et de parler
que tu ne poïs demander
por coi cele gote de sanc
saut par la pointe del fer blanc!
Et le graal que tu veïs,
ne demandas ne anqueïs
quel riche home l'an an servoit.
Mout est maleüreus qui voit
si bel tans que plus ne covaigne,
si atant tant que plus biax vaigne.
Ce es tu, li maleüreus,
qui veïs qu'il fu tans et leus
de parler a lui, te taüs!
En mal eür fol san eüs!
En mal eür tant te teüsses,
que, se tu demandé eüsses,
li riches rois qui si s'esmaie
fust ores gariz de sa plaie
et si tenist sa terre an pes,
dom il ne tanra point jamés.
Et sez tu qu'il an avandra
del roi qui terre ne tandra,
qui n'est de ses plaies gariz?
Dames an perdront lor mariz,
terres an seront essilliees
et puceles desconselliees,
qui orfelines remandront,
et maint chevalier an morront,
et tuit avront le mal par toi.
~Le Conte du Graal, La cour du roi Arthur, Chrétien de Troyes

Ah, Perceval, Fortune is bald behind, but has a forelock in front.  A curse on him who greets or wishes you well, for you did not seize Fortune when you met her.  You entered the dwelling of the Fisher King; you saw the lance which bleeds.  Was it so painful to open your mouth that you could not ask why the drop of blood sprang from the whim point of the lance? When you saw the grail, you did not inquire who was the rich man whom one served with it.  Most unfortunate is he who when the weather is fairer than usual waits fir even fairer to come.  It was you, unfortunate man, who saw that the time and the place were right for speech, and yet remained mute.  You had ample opportunity, but in an evil hour you kept silent.  If you had asked, the rich King, who is now sore troubled, would have been wholly cured of his wound and would have held his land in peace--land which he will never hold again.  Do you know what will happen if the King does not hold his land and is not healed of his wound?  Ladies will lose their husbands, lands will be laid waste, maidens, helpless, will remain orphans, and many knights will die.  All these calamities will befall because of you!
~The Grail: From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol, Roger Sherman Loomis, Pg, 40

"Opportunity has hair in front, behind she is bald; if you seize her by the forelock, you may hold her; but, if she once escapes, not Jupiter himself can catch her again."
~"Dictionary of Latin Quotations, Proverbs, Maxims and Mottos," H.T. Riley, London, 1866

Some groups seek fulfillment in mystic experience - this is correct if one does not forget the duty of 'involvement' - the prime duty of the wise. It is not enough to see The Lady, it is better to serve Her and Her will by being involved in humanity, and the process of Fate (The single name of all God's is 'Fate'). In fate, and the overcoming of fate is the true Graal, for from this inspiration comes, and death is defeated. There is no fate so terrible that it cannot be overcome - whether by a literal victory gained by action and in time, or the deeper victory of spirit in the lonely battle of the self, Fate is the trial, the Castle Perilous in which we all meet to win or to die - Therefore, the People are concerned with Fate --for humanity is greater than the Gods', although not as great as the Goddess. When Man triumphs, fate stops and the Gods are defeated - so you understand the meaning of magic now. Magic and religion are aids to overcome Fate, and Fate is a cradle that rocks the infant spirit.
~Robert Cochrane's Second Letter to Joe Wilson, Twelfth Night, 1966

Who is this flower above me?
What is the work of this god?
I would know myself in all my parts.
~Feri Flower Prayer

~Muninn's Kiss

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